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Corsica or Island of Beauty is a island in the Mediterranean Sea situated 200 kilometres southeast of the Riviera to the west of Tuscany and north of Sardinia. It made up two departments: Corse-du-Sud (2A) and Haute-Corse (2B). Island of Beauty has an exceptional natural heritage, you will not see nowhere else, because it offers both a mountainous terrain and stunning beaches. It’s an island preserved because she is scatted by nature reserves and there are many conservation area by UNESCO.

In fact, crystal clear water, long and beautiful beaches which border the coast, allowing young and old to have fun as they wish and to discover magical places such as small coves where you can dive, fish, picnic or swim in the calm and tranquillity. You should know that it is the most mountainous island, the most green and fresh throughout the Mediterranean. The mountain is the guardian of traditions, identity and natural environment of Corsica. Walking through the rock to discover the heart of this region, especially with granite houses and fortified shelters typical dry stone shepherds, but also enjoy unique landscapes and see animals that you do used to seeing, it is possible to cross pigs, sheep or vultures.

The Corsican mountains allow thrill and discovery, to practice various activities such as mountain biking, hiking, climbing, paragliding and of course skiing in winter, which always offers a sea view ! Excluding its beautiful scenery, Corsica is also known for its rich and varied cuisine. In summer, fish is a perfect meal, it is possible to cook in different ways, grilled, baked or in soups. And it’s perfect to keep one’s figure. The cooked meats is famous because it has much of its flavour which due to the quality of free-ranging pigs, feeding almost exclusively on chestnuts and acorns, so you can enjoy all kinds of meats such as figatel The Coppa , the Lonzo, Salamu and prisuttu .

Cheese is also a specialty in Corsica, especially the ewe cheese and goat cheese. The cheese is the best known Brocciu. This is a preparation with the base on a small sheep's milk or goat, it is possible to taste only with sugar as the fig jam or salty. To conclude on a sweet note, honey Corsica is a craft production which now has an AOC, it has a particular taste but interesting because of the extraordinary variety of flowers that provide bees scrub their nectars.

The last point of this article refers the sites should you visit. The first is to discover the Calanques de Piana, located on the west coast, Piana, midway between Calvi and Ajaccio, on the road from the sea Corsica. There are many things to discover, like the little village, the beach of Arone tower Piana. Then it’s possible also to discover the Scandola Reserve, which is the pearl of Corsica. It protects 900 hectares land and 1000 hectares marine. It is almost impossible to reach the shore on foot, but it is still possible to go by boat including the shuttles that leave from various locations (Calvi, Galeria and Porto). It has to know, that summer, this place is popular but there are regulations especially with the diving and fishing.

It should also visit Bonifacio, Corsica situated in the south, which separates Corsica from Sardinia in Italy. This is undoubtedly the city's most famous Corsican, but also the most typical. In any season, it offers a unique collection of historical monuments, more than 20 beaches and an exceptional collection of rare scenery both on land and under the sea. The city is divided into 3 parts: the ancient city, the citadel and the port called the Marine. So why not relax in the port on the terrace of a restaurant while admiring the yachts docked who often come from all over the world ... Or, you walk through the narrow streets and squares of neighbourhoods or extend your walk on the cliffs, and have an unobstructed view of the city and the Marine. Discover this magical place that reserves always full of surprises. To get an idea of the real estate market, we give you some prices below.

The average selling price of property is therefore 3200 Euros to buy an apartment of 45 square metres, 2 rooms in Ajaccio it takes between 140,000 and 190,000 Euros for a house with 3 rooms of 75 square metres, between 250,000 Euros and 300,000 Euros. With regards to the rental market, for 1 bedroom apartment of 35 square meters in Ajaccio the budget is around 500 and 600 Euros per month and around 400 and 500 Euros in Bastia. In Corsica, to rent a studio during the holidays, it takes between 150 and 500 Euros per week. As for the South Corsica, for a 2-room apartment, it takes between 200 and 700 Euros.