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Leapfrog “virtual visit” buyer’s agent service

Choose Your Ideal Property and Save Time, Cost & Hassle!

If, like many buyers in France, you find that the lack of photos, information and brochures on resale properties leaves you wondering whether or not a property is worth visiting, then this service could be for you.

Buyer’s agent service

Our “Buyer’s Agent” service allows you to have one person based in the area you are looking to search and find property just for you over a 4-6 week period. Our bilingual Leapfrog buyer’s agent will find these properties either directly through private sellers or via estate agents in France. He/she will visit them personally and spend a large amount of time taking many photos (usually about 50) and providing a “virtual visit” narrated video of the interior/exterior of the house along with the surroundings. In addition a lengthy and highly detailed brochure will be produced for each property outlining not only key features and a detailed description but also other crucial information such as exact location, amenities, transport links, hospitals, schools, restaurants, shops, attractions and more.

It’s what you want

Before researching any properties your buyer’s agent will spend time with you discussing your requirements and budget and honing your ideas in order that only very suitable properties can then be found for you. If you are unsure of the location you want or the budget required, then our buyer’s agent will be able to guide you to the right area and give you plenty of insightful local information to enable you to make the right choice - remember they are here just for you.

Get a great deal too

By having your own buyer’s agent, you are also likely to get a better deal on the property price as you will have plenty of help when it comes to negotiation and could even knock off as much as 10-15% off the price of the property.

Your viewings

We shall usually need a set viewing date about 6 weeks in advance of your viewings in order to compile enough suitable properties for you to see when you arrive. As each property is found for you and details sent, we ask you please to give feedback on each one in order to hone the selection process and gather more and more suitable properties for you to see.

When you eventually come over you will already know each property very well and will therefore be spending your time very efficiently seeing just those which you know are highly suited to your requirements. Typically you will spend 2-3 days with your buyer’s agent in France visiting these properties and asking questions until you are totally happy that you have found the right property.

Video and brochure examples

See an example of the videos that will be produced for you to see and click here to download an example of the brochures you will receive (1.9MB). There will also be plenty more pictures that will be sent to you separately.



If you decide this service is right for you, you will be asked to sign a contract and pay an upfront fee of £3,000 + VAT. This fee is non-refundable due to the heavy investment in time and expenses that will be incurred by the Leapfrog buyer’s agent once they begin working for you. Once you have found a property and signed the preliminary sales contract (compromis de vente) you will then be expected to pay a further £3,000 + VAT as our success fee.

In addition you will have to pay the buyer’s agent’s fee of around 2 to 3% if they find the property through a private vendor (rather than via an estate agent) which is a great saving compared to the usual 6% which is charged by estate agents in France. On a 300,000 Euro property this equates to a saving of between 9,000 to 12,000 Euros but with the additional bespoke service that you wouldn’t receive from an estate agent so it makes sense on all fronts.

In the rarer situation that the buyer’s agent finds the property via an estate agent then they will just share the standard 6% fee that will be included in the price you see so you still won’t pay more. In very rare occasions where the estate agent in France refuses to share his commission with the buyer’s agent, then the buyer’s agent will be charging their 2 to 3% fee in addition to the estate agent’s fee that is already included in the price.

It makes sense

So, worst case scenario is that you pay a bit extra for having this bespoke service but usually you will actually save money and obviously lots of time too. This fee will be money well spent as you are likely to save far more with the help you receive in negotiating the price (If he/she gets you 10% off on a 200,000 Euro house you will save 20,000 Euros). It also means that you will not have to spend thousands of £’s on lengthy and fruitless trips to France but also save yourself a lot of time and hassle. You will of course also benefit from the usual free consultancy from our Property consultants who will guide you right through the entire process.


Email or call us on 0203 59 77 030 to ask about our Buyer's Agent service.