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Smart Currency Exchange Ltd - International money transfers

Great Value Currency Exchange to Keep Your Costs Down


Buying a home in France is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you want to join the ever-growing numbers of Brits that have made their dream a reality – whether it’s to reside in permanently, use as a holiday home or as an investment – don’t fall foul of currency market volatility when sending your hard-earned savings overseas.

Currency markets are very much at the mercy of news flows – both economic and political. Managing the resulting fluctuations in exchange rates can be crucial in determining the final cost of your overseas transfers and ultimately your property. For example, on EU referendum polling day back in June 2016 when £1=€1.30, a €150,000 property in the France would have cost just over £115,000. The following day and the British public’s Yes vote caused the pound to drop sharply to €1.20, meaning that same property increased to £125,000.

For a buyer who hadn’t had the foresight to lock in their currency that would equate to a loss of almost £10,000 in just 48 hours – money that could have been used to furnish their new home or even install a swimming pool.


Plan ahead with a currency specialist

Preventing exchange rate fluctuations from increasing the cost of your French property needn’t be a daunting prospect. Talking to Smart Currency Exchange today will help you plan ahead with confidence. Your trader will take the time to understand your requirements and talk you through the transfer process. They will offer expert guidance on the ups and downs of the currency markets.

They can explain how you can secure your funds using a Forward Contract. This specialist tool ensures you know how much your transfers will cost by enabling you to lock in an exchange rate for up to a year.


Benefits of using Smart Currency Exchange:


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For more information or to register with Smart Currency Exchange today, click on the banner below. You can also call  us on +44 (0)207 898 0541 or email


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