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Property for Sale in Aude, France

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Information on Aude and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties


Located in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon in South West France with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, Aude is bordered by the departments of Ariege and Haute Garonne to the West, Herault and Tarn to the North and Pyrenees Orientals to the South. 

The Mediterranean climate which is dry and arid improves the produce of grapes and allows a good quantity and quality of wines. Thanks to the hot summer temperatures, the department has a relaxed pace of life similar to that found in Provence. 

Aude has a varied landscape rich in historical diversity and the department capital is Carcassonne

known as the only fortified town in Europe that is still inhabited. It is Europe's largest fortress city with more than 50 towers and is one of the most visited sites in France. Another of Aude's famous masterpieces is the Canal du midi, built in the 17th century, linking the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Along the Mediterranean coast are 60 km of beaches offering places to relax but also old fishing villages where the shell breeding and fishing are still very importantSource:

Towns in Aude

Carcassonne, Gruissan, Narbonne

Property for Sale in Aude

The average price of a 2 bedroom apartment property in Aude is between 130k and 150k Euros while a 4 bedroom house will cost between 235k and 255k Euros. The prices of property for sale in Aude are just below the national average for their categories but are on the increase as foreign buyers search for cheap property on the south coast of France. It is a good place to invest and the Carcassonne airport serviced by Ryan air in Aude makes it easy for foreigners to come and visit their holiday home here. 

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