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Property for Sale in Cantal, France

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Information on Cantal and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties


Cantal is part of the Auvergne region, south-centre of France and is surrounded by the departments of Puy-de-Dôme, Haute-Loire, Aveyron, Lot, Lozère, and Correze with the main cities being Aurillac, Saint-Flour, and Mauriac. This very unpopulated department (151,000 inhabitants) is touristy thanks to its numerous castles and its Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne, which are a chain of dormant volcanos. The culminating summit of the department reaches a height of 6096 ft and its neighbours, the Puy Mary and the Puy Chavaroche, attain a height of 5863 and 5722 ft. respectively.
Cantal produces one of France’s most popular and cheapest cheeses made in the simple stone huts on the hills where the cows roam free to graze on the summer pasture. Aurillac, the regions capital has big cattle and cheese markets whose characteristics are fiercely local and agricultural. Cattle are accordingly reared for profit, especially around Salers and in the Monts d'Aubrac, and butter and Roquefort cheese are made in large quantities.
Others interesting cities are; Murat, where walking around its medieval streets and ramparts is very pleasant, St Flour, a medieval town of some importance, rivalling Aurillac as the capital of the department but also Chaudes–Aigues, a spa town where the hot springs are used to treat rheumatism and provide an under floor heating system for most of the houses and the swimming pool. 

Towns in Cantal

Property for Sale in Cantal

The average price of a 4 bedroom house in Cantal will cost between 140k and 160k Euros. Prices of property for sale in Cantal  are well below the national average for their categories and like the rest of Auvergne is a cheap place to find old character property such as farmhouses and country cottages either to renovate or move straight into. 

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