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Property for Sale in Manche, France

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Information on Manche and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties


Manche is a department in Normandy named after the French name for the English Channel and was created during the French Revolution of 1790. Manche is coextensive with the Cotentin peninsula.

The first capital was Coutances until 1796 and then it resumed that role after World War II when the capital St-Lo was destroyed during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. When Saint-Lô was rebuilt, it again became the capital. Cherbourg and Avranches are the chief towns, and Mont-Saint-Michel which is off the coast. The department is located in the region of Basse-Normandie and it is surrounded on three sides by the English Channel and on the other by the departments of Calvados, Orne, Mayenne, and Ile-et-Vilaine.

The climate of Manche is mild and humid, because of its proximity to the sea and frosts are not severe and excessive heat is unusual. Manche is very popular with the British and Irish thanks to the excellent ferry services in connection with the town of Cherbourg. Cherbourg is first and foremost a port where the main activities revolve around its seafaring traditions and like many others cities of Normandy was destroyed during WWII but rebuilt, hence the capital St Lô doesn’t have many interesting things too see but the river which runs through here called Vire is popular for trout fishing. Coutances has an impressive 13th century cathedral but is more famous across the country for its cheese. Source:

Towns in Manche


Property for Sale in Manche

The average price of a 4 bedroom property for sale in Manche will cost between 180k and 220k Euros while a 2 bedroom apartment will cost between 130k Euros and 150k Euros which are both considerably less than the average. Its proximity to the UK will always make it popular with the British market as will its cheap property.

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