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Property for Sale in Paris, France

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Information on Paris and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties


The department of Paris is located in the region Ile de France and is bordered by the departments of Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne. The name Paris seems to have appeared in the 3rd century only and was known before as Lutetia. The expansion of the city really started with the Capetian dynasty (987). In the XIIth century, the first Halles (market) and the Cathedrale Notre Dame were built under the order of King Philippe-Auguste. Because of its location and importance many historical and political events took place in Paris.

Nowadays, Paris is the commercial and industrial focus of France and a cultural and intellectual centre of international recognition.

As a capital, Paris is also a mix of theatres, elegant hotels and stores, famous nightclubs and restaurants and of course synonymous with luxury and fashion.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with many impressive monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the cathedral Notre-Dame, the Louvre Museum, the Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe to name but a few. It is also said to be the most romantic city in the world.

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (districts or boroughs), each of which has a local council and a mayor, but most of the power is held by the mayor of the City of Paris who is chosen by the city's council. In 1977, Jacques Chirac was elected mayor and reigned over Paris for nearly 20 years. About one quarter of the French labour force is concentrated in the Paris area. Source:

Towns in Paris

Paris 10th arrondissement, Paris 11th arrondissement, Paris 12th arrondissement, Paris 13th arrondissement, Paris 14th arrondissement, Paris 15th arrondissement, Paris 17th arrondissement, Paris 18th arrondissement, Paris 19th arrondissement, Paris 1st arrondissement, Paris 20th arrondissement, Paris 2nd arrondissement, Paris 3rd arrondissement, Paris 4th arrondissement, Paris 5th arrondissement, Paris 6th arrondissement, Paris 7th Arrondissement, Paris 8th arrondissement, Paris 9th arrondissement

Property for Sale in Paris

Prices of property for sale in Paris vary so greatly with the type and location that there is little point in having an average. To check prices simply access the search of our property database and check it out for whichever arrondissement you are interested in. Suffice to say though that this is the most expensive department in France for property.

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