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French property to rent guide

An introduction to long term lets and holiday lets


There are two very different types of lets in France:

- long term lets which are 1 or 3 year contracts and

- holiday lets which are generally weekly contracts.


Long term lets

Unfurnished properties are rented out on 3 year rolling contracts; furnished properties are on yearly contracts. In France an unfurnished property can often mean that you will need to bring your own kitchen units, white goods and appliances. Tenancy law is quite protective of the tenants in France - where a property is tenanted, rents can only rise yearly and only up to a maximum of the published INSEE rental index which is usually between 2% and 2.5% per annum.

If you are considering buying a property in France and are not 100% on which area you want to buy in or want to spend a while searching on the ground first, then renting  long term in your initially desired area could be a good option. In this way you don’t commit to buying somewhere that appears to have everything you need only to find out a year later that actually it’s not quite suitable.

A deposit of one month’s rent is usually required at the start of the contract.


Holidays lets

Holiday lets are generally on a weekly basis - are of course furnished and usually come with linen included. Short term lets are generally found in tourist resorts and Paris but Gites also fall into this category and can be found in virtually all areas of France. A deposit equal to one whole week of rent is often requested but is not always the case.


Search our French property to rent databanks:

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If you want to let your own property in France, see our  advertising to let service.

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