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French Property Mortgages

Buy your French property with a Leapfrog mortgage

If you are looking to take out a mortgage for a property in France then Leapfrog Mortgages are the only place you need to look. With our years of experience and relationships with an extensive panel of French lenders you can be sure that we will be able to secure the most appropriate and competitive mortgage to suit your financial needs. Our bi-lingual mortgage advisors mean that whether you are English or French speaking, living inside or outside of France you can take advantage of the service we offer. Whether you are looking at using a mortgage to purchase a French Property or re-mortgage onto a better deal or simply to release capital then we can help.

Rates available

To give you an idea on the best rates currently available we have compiled a table below for you for different types and length of mortgage product:




Mortgage type 



10 years                         



15 years                          



20 years                      



25 years                              



Property types





Tracker repayment mortgage


From 1.85%


•Main residence •Second home or buy-to-let• Land • Renovation • Equity release • SCI shares




Fixed Mortgage



From 1.95%


•Main residence•Second home or buy-to-let• Land• Renovation• Equity release• SCI shares




Interest Only mortgage


From 2.10%






•Main residence•Second home or buy-to-let • Land• Renovation• Equity release• SCI shares















*The Euribor is The Euro Interbank Offered Rate. This is an interest rate based on the average interest rates at which a panel of 57 European banks lend money to one another. The Euribor interest rates are being used as a reference rate for financial products and the banks use the Euribor interest rates to determine their mortgage rates. 

*LTV = Loan To Value



Why use us?

Our French mortgage services are available to everyone whether or not you are buying through Leapfrog Properties or one of our agents. It makes sense using us rather than going directly through a bank for three reasons:

  1. Because we can find the best rate available to you from a panel of lenders while a bank will just offer you their best rate which may not be the most competitive
  2. We can also offer a wide range of mortgage products (interest only, deferred payment, capital repayment), selecting the one that best suits your financial situation while the choice from just one bank will be limited
  3. Lastly the amount that different banks will lend depends on their lending criteria which means that some banks penalise you if you are say a buy to let owner while others will reward you for being one and therefore be able to lend different sums of money. We will pick the best bank according to your financial situation to achieve what you want.


Different types of French mortgage available

To help give you an idea of the different mortgage products available on the market we have summarised them below:


Email or call us on 00 44 (0) 203 59 77 030 with your French mortgage requirements and any questions you want to ask.


Third party client service for estate agents and developers

If you are an estate agent or developer and are looking for a mortgage specialist to provide your clients with a professional mortgage advisor at no extra charge then please don’t hesitate to email or call us on  00 44 (0) 203 59 77 030 to discuss the possibility of a partnership.