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The cities most popular seaside


Let's start with the Riviera who is the department most coveted by foreigners, including villages such as Saint-Tropez that have always fascinated the tourists with festivals Eddie Barclay, the Brigitte Bardot adventures, its port which meets annually the most beautiful boats of the world. Saint-Tropez is an authentic village, a port with multiple facets and infinite charms discover picturesque alleys, the Provençal market where you will find culinary specialties and local produce that are the pride of the village and citadel of the sixteenth century. For this village, it takes an average price of 8400 Euros per square metre; it’s a part of France the most expensive. For example, an apartment of 45 square metres, 2 rooms, sells between 350,000 and 600,000 Euros. And seasonal rentals, the same range apartment rents between 300 and 1000 Euros per week.

Further up the coast, you can meet Nice, beautiful town, situated between sea and mountains. Worldwide known the famous avenue, "La Promenade des Anglais", the symbol of the city. Nice is very popular with foreigners, first for its ease of access and partly to the diversity of its culture. The price per square metre is 4,000 Euros, therefore for an apartment with 2 rooms, it expects to price between 100,000 Euros and 160,000 Euros. As for rental prices, it is 13.57 euros per square metre. In effect, rent a studio is between 200 and 500 € per month and for a house with 4-room, it will be between 900 and 3000 € per month. Note that prices are rising fast as the class you want, such as the pool.

The Languedoc-Roussillon is deemed to be more affordable in price than the Riviera, but equally charming.

In fact, the village of Collioure will fill the view, probably the prettiest and most authentic of all the seaside towns with culture and Catalan history. It’s the most sought after area on the Mediterranean outside of the Côte d’Azur and prices here are actually almost on a par with them. you can find properties with magnificent views of the sea and the town, like a 2 room apartment of about 40 square metre between 160,000 Euros and 300,000 Euros.

 A little further north, you can discover Sète, a town apart, with a strong cultural identity, with its traditions, its cuisine, and its jargon. To buy a property in this part of France, it takes an average price of 2800 euros per square metre, while to lease, the price of 11.32 euros per square metre. And an apartment will be sold between 65,000 and 170,000 Euros, this large discrepancy is due to the environment surrounding the property as the beach, shops, the sea view etc. As for a rental apartment T3 example, it takes between 400 and 1100 € per month.

Concerning the region of Aquitaine, is the second most popular destination after the Côte d'Azur. The capital of this department is Bordeaux, which is known worldwide since the eighteenth century for its vineyards. And since 2007, part of Bordeaux and the port de Lune are classified as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

On entering the city you will be charmed by its river. Its port, the Port of the Moon, receives from antiquity all the fleets of the world. Through its greenery and its mild climate, Bordeaux appreciated for its quality of life, punctuated with gastronomic delights and evening parties, and thrives on its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Basin of Arcachon, Perigord and its prehistoric remains, Gascony and the Basque country, the Landes forest and the Pyrenees ...The price of a property for sale is 4500 euros per square meter, and a T2 apartment sells for between 100,000 and 160,000 Euros. The average price of rent is 12.1 Euros per square meter per month, so for example for a 3-room house, it takes about 650 to 1500 Euros per month.

In the west of France, there is a small village; La Baule, a treasure where landscapes are preserved and where the activities are traditional.

The success and reputation of La Baule is due to both the wealth and natural heritage. Magnificent parks and pleasure gardens of the villas offer a charming flowered in the heart of the resort, while its 650 hectares of pine forest and 47 hectares of its forests, carefully preserved, and invite you to the joy of a stroll in the wilderness.

An apartment of about 40 square meter two-room sells for between 80 000 and 450 000 Euros or 4400 Euros per square meter. With regard to rentals, the price is 12.75 Euro price per square meter, so the monthly rent for a 4-room house is 830 to 1200 Euros and a 2-room apartment about 520 to 640 Euros.