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Property for Sale in Auvergne, France

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Information on Auvergne and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties


Auvergne is located in the south central part of France bordering the Rhone-Alpes region to the east. Although this is a largely under populated area with an ageing population, Auvergne has plenty to offer the outdoorsy types. It has some fabulous scenery with two national parks dotted with extinct volcanoes, gorges, lakes, geysers, rivers and expansive forests and offers hot springs and mineral cold springs to relax in. If you are feeling more energetic then there is horse riding, mountain climbing, and hiking and in the lakes- sailing and windsurfing or even whitewater rafting along its river network. There are also a number of ski resorts meaning there is something to do here all year round.

Clermont-Ferrand is Auvergne’s largest city and lies on the northern tip of the Massif Central, surrounded by grassy, wooded volcanoes and is the most youthful with its university town, although rather industrial. Vichy is one of the most famous spa towns and attracts mainly elderly clientele who come to bathe in the hot springs and peruse the numerous boutiques. In the south-west of the region the quiet town of Aurillac rests quietly, surrounded by some attractive old villages with lovely old houses and churches.

Departments in Auvergne

Allier, Cantal, Haute-Loire, Puy-de-Dôme

Towns in Auvergne


Property for Sale in Auvergne

The average price of a 4 bedroom house in Auvergne is between 155k Euros and 195k Euros. Property for sale in Auvergne is the cheapest in France so there are some great deals to be had, although interest from foreign buyers towards the region has been limited. Areas to consider are villages around the Puy de Sancy with easy rental to both summer and winter tourists and Clermont Ferrand for the same reasons but better for long term rental and is near the Massif Central which has also been experiencing increasing levels of interest in its properties. Vichy on the other hand is more expensive and although not as up and coming as the others still offers a stable return on the investment.

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