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Property for Sale in Bourgogne (Burgundy), France

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Information on Bourgogne (Burgundy) and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties

Bourgogne (Burgundy)

Burgundy is a peaceful rural region in the centre of France with a rich and colourful history and a great artistic culture. Being a powerhouse in medieval times means that there are many churches and Abbeys to visit and the quality of life is good but has little in the way of employment opportunities. Nowadays the region relies on its well established wine exports to prop up the economy with many of the vineyards based around Beaune in the south of an area known as the Cote d’Or which is divided into two smaller areas called the Cotes de Nuits and Cotes de Beaune.

Burgundy offers picturesque walkways along its many rivers and canals and nature trails in the wooded, hilly area of the Parc de Morvan. It is not particularly popular with foreign buyers but this is changing and there are many fantastic village houses and farmhouses around to snap up and restore at very reasonable prices, while good transport links in all directions keeps you within reach of the rest of France. Dijon, the region’s capital and until 1477 home to the Dukes of Burgundy is a cultural and artistic haven and the large student population gives it a modern and vibrant feel. Below Dijon, is the busier Chalon-sur-Saone with a healthy business centre and host to many festivals from March to October. To the westNevers, a 12th century small provincial city known for its Nougat and fine porcelain is very pleasant and worth looking at if house-hunting in Burgundy.


Departments in Bourgogne (Burgundy)

Côte d'Or, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, Yonne

Towns in Bourgogne (Burgundy)

Auxerre, Beaune, Dijon

Property for Sale in Bourgogne (Burgundy)

The average price of a 2 bedroom apartment property in the Burgundy region is between 110k Euros and 150k Euros while the price of a 4 bedroom house is between 185k Euros and 225k Euros. Property for sale in Burgundy is fairly cheap especially around Morvan but lacks the interest to ensure ease of rental or sale and hence is slightly more risky from an investment standpoint. Morvan is less popular than the more expensive Cote d’Or area where property is in high demand amongst a fast-moving market. Also expensive but popular with Parisian holiday home buyers is Auxerre which, like the rest of the region, is not particularly popular with foreigners but has been experiencing good steady growth over the past few years.

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