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Property for Sale in Haute Normandie, France

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Information on Haute Normandie and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties

Haute Normandie

This region, located in the north-west of France, sharing its eastern side with Basse-Normandy is extremely important in terms of sea access to the rest of Europe, especially England. Le Havre deals more with the commercial aspect of shipping whereas Dieppe, being far-less industrialised is more popular with day-trippers visiting Dieppe’s weekly street markets.

Agriculture dominates the inland landscape with lush pastureland welcoming its visitors along with bustling little restaurants. The Pays-D’Auge is one such inviting area home to the Camembert and other delicious cheeses which is lined with picture post-card half-timbered farmhouses making it an ideal area for those second-home buyers. Normandy also possesses some exquisite old manor houses that have been renovated if the slightly more Bourgeois taste takes your fancy.

Haute-Normandy having such a rich history also contains some amazing Gothic and Roman architecture especially the town of Rouen which is the only one left with its complete medieval centre intact. More half-timbered houses adorn the town along with its splendid Gothic cathedral and church towers. Also worth checking out is the pleasure resort of Etretat, west of the fishing village of Fechamp, which has a pretty seaside location, pleasing architecture and no large port to ruin the views.


Departments in Haute Normandie

Eure, Seine-Maritime

Towns in Haute Normandie

Le Havre, Rouen

Property for Sale in Haute Normandie

The average price of a 2 bedroom apartment property for sale in the Normandy region is between 140k Euros and 180k Euros while the price of a 4 bedroom house is between 215k Euros and 255k Euros. If you are looking for a good investment with a strong rental market then the primarily French geared area around Rouen is a good investment. Prices here are however more expensive due to the high demand it experiences. Dieppe and its surrounding area also offers affordable property with a good rental market and its proximity to the UK makes the area suitable for a weekend home. Because of this it is experiencing high demand at the moment and prices are set to rise over the next few years. House prices in Haut-Normandy are fairly average with some good deals going on period property to restore.

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