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Egenskaper för hyra - Mayenne, Frankrike

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Information - Mayenne och egenskaper för uthyrning via Leapfrog Properties


Mayenne is a department in northwest France and is located in the region Pays de la Loire and is surrounded by the departments of Manche, Orne, Sarthe, Maine-et-Loire, and Ille-et-Vilaine.

The land in Mayenne is undulating: in the North are the southern Normandy Mountains whereas in the south are the fields and numerous forests. The natural park of Normandy-Maine is located in the east of the region.
Mayenne cultivates wheat, oats, and barley and also produces butter, poultry and honey. The most common beverage is cider as the cultivation of the vine is very limited.

The capital of Mayenne is Laval; it was built around the river that passes through its centre. It has an important Chateau from the 11th century which housed the barons and counts until 1794. The city is full of history (since the 3rd century) and the ancient city walls are still standing and is the largest town in Mayenne. Evron is also an important city in the department famous for its medieval basilica and the city of Ernee houses the annual art exhibition. Source picture: 

Towns - Mayenne

Mayenne, Pré-en-Pail

Egenskaper för hyra - Mayenne

The average price of a 4 bedroom property for sale in Mayenne will be between 155k and 175k Euros while a 2 bedroom apartment will cost between 70k Euros and 90k Euros which is an absolute bargain! It is slightly more inland than is traditionally popular but property as cheap as this is certainly worth investing in. Mayenne is near the UK and still just a short trip to the coastal resorts in Normandy, Brittany or Pays de la Loire coupled with its long history and quiet agricultural surroundings is certainly a location worth considering for your country cottage or farmhouse.

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Att serva din hyresfastigheter - Mayenne, Frankrike