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Property for Rent in Drôme, France

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Information on Drôme and Property Available for Rent through Leapfrog Properties


Drome is located in the south east of France in the Rhone-Alpes region and is surrounded by the departments of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Hautes-Alpes, Ardèche, Isère, Vaucluse. The area is 6,530 km2 and has a population of around 427,000 people. Drome was created in 1790 after the French revolution, but during its history, the boundaries of the Drome have changed several times: incorporation of the Comtat Venaissin in 1792 and the creation of the department Vaucluse in 1793.
The climate tends to be cold during the winter except in the valleys near the Rhone but fairly hot during the summer with welcome breezes and sometimes strong winds with snow visible on the mountain-tops during the greater part of the year. In the south the climate is similar to that found in Provence if not slightly cooler and windier and the lifestyle and scenery also resembles the region.
Drome is moderately prosperous: wheat, oats and potatoes are the main crops and fruit orchards and olive growing in the more temperate south. Cattle-raising is carried for most of its part in the North-east whereas in the south there are flocks of sheep on the pastures.
Economically the department is one of the best industrial sectors in France, with a lot of diversification such as packaging, food processing, high tech, plastics…
The capital is Valence (110 000 inhabitants) and it is located in the north of the department. The city is known for its market for fruit and vegetable produce but also the 17th century restored cathedral is worth visiting. It’s also known as the strategic capital of south Rhone Alp because of its specific location.
Another famous city is Montelimar thanks to its nougat production since the 17th century when the almond tree arrived in France but also full of different architectural confection to satisfy everybody’s taste.
Also famous in the department: Les Cotes du Rhone for its vineyards located between Valence and Montelimar and Romans, famous for its shoemaking and houses a museum dedicated to the industry.

Towns in Drôme

Property for Rent in Drôme

The average price of a 2 bedroom apartment property in Drome is between 110k and 130k Euros while a 4 bedroom house will cost between 260k and 300k Euros. Prices of property for sale in Drome are just below the national average for their categories and much better value for money than what you might find towards the Mediterranean coast. Drome is a good place to buy traditional property in the countryside often made from local stone and some with possibility for renovation.

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