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Property for Sale in Landes, France

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Information on Landes and Property Available for Sale through Leapfrog Properties


The department is located in the Aquitaine region in the south west of France and covers 9,243 km2 with 318,500 inhabitants. It is surrounded by the departments of Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne, Gers, and Pyrénées-Atlantiques, as well as the Atlantic Ocean on the west.

Landes is a natural paradise with a haven of tranquillity in the north which is sparsely populated, with a few villages and larger towns on the coast. In the south are small villages in the countryside which become more and more open and hilly.

It is a fairly windy oceanic climate where it is rainy in the spring time and during the summer warm and stormy.

Agriculturally, the main cereal is maize but wheat and millet are also grown as are beans and vine. In the Chalosse sheep are numerous, and the "Landes " breed of horses is well known. Forests are chiefly composed of pines which stretch to the long sandy beaches and occupy more than half of Les Landes of which their exploitation forms the chief industry here.

Mont-de-Marsan is the capital of the department; Mont-de-Marsan, Dax, and St Sever are the most noteworthy towns and are well known for the course landaise (form of bullfighting but where the bull is not killed). The area is also the country of the Armagnac where its famous brandy is produced.

Dax is known as a major thermal spa town- a quiet, warm and peaceful town which is firmly on the tourist trail thanks to its architectural legacy. Source:

Towns in Landes

Biscarrosse, Capbreton, Mimizan

Property for Sale in Landes

The average price of a 2 bedroom apartment property for sale in Landes is between 180k and 200k Euros while a 4 bedroom house will cost between 320k and 340k Euros. Property prices here are slightly above the national average for their categories but in a great location on or near the coast with a good climate and good accessibility from Biarritz or Bordeaux airports makes for a good investment in an increasingly popular area.

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